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Bundy B flat Clarinet
Selmer Bundy B flat clarinet.

Overhauled with new pads to playable condition.  
Has a very good tone and intonation.

Excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition.

Very good intonation!

Refurbished with my manufactured pads that should last for decades,
and include a limited warranty to the original purchaser.  
If my manufactured pad ever fails to seal, return it for a $5 refund. Email for return instructions.
Limitations: void if left in harsh environment for extended period of time.

Case: Bundy sturdy fiberglass case.

Mouthpiece: Unmarked

Barrel: unmarked

Items included: Bundy fiberglass case, Bundy clarinet, unmarked mouthpiece,
            metal ligature and cap, swab.

Price: $ 349.99